Learning Years 彩虹班

Age 3 years old to 6 years

Learning Years courses are specially designed for children from age 3years to 7years old. At Ykidz we strive to have a balance in both academic and other areas of development such as motor skills, social and emotional develop etc. Learning is not just about sitting down listening to the teachers and completing worksheets. Interaction and engaging activities are included in their learning. We encourage the children to involve in discussions, explore and discover. With small student ratio it allows us to focus on every child’s leaning needs. At Ykidz we believe that it is crucial to cultivate interest and positive learning attitudes, and not neglecting good social behaviour.

Montessori Workgroup 蒙特梭利成长班

In Workgroup other than guiding the children through their academic. We also focus on character building such as being responsible, independent practising self-discipline, developing grace & courtesy among people around them. Classes are conducted to our beliefs of hands-on experiences & incorporation of fun elements to aid their learning thus ensuring a smooth transition for them to Primary School.


MONTRSSORI PHONICS courses is divided into three different schemes, Pink, Blue & Green. Our Phonics course would bring your child through the different stages of learning phonics starting from Single Letter Sounds to Phonograms. At the end of the courses your child will be able to read independently. Reading can never be as fun and easy.


MONTESSORI MATHEMATICS provides a basic visual of the mathematics concept. Building a strong foundation in the subject Math. The course consist of two levels. Through fun and interactive teaching materials, Math is no longer “dry & boring”, it intrigue the child’s interest for mathematics.


Putting their Phonics skills to good use, our Junior Comprehension class would teach your child to express themselves confidently in English. Language skills such as understanding simple passages, concept of grammar & constructing sentences would be some of the few curriculums that is taught in the course.


Ykidz’s creative art is like no other art classes, we introduce the different types of art, using different mediums and techniques in creating art. Introducing different artists and their style of creating artwork will also be part of the curriculum. Tapping on your kid’s creativity, this course would enable them to fully express themselves through their art pieces & find their inner self. It helps to build their character & confidence level as well.


AMAZING READERS (华文兴趣班) is a mandarin class for children who has no or minimum exposure to mandarin. Using stories as a core pillar to build up the mandarin course through songs, art & hands-on activities to develop interest in Mandarin. We would start off with your child’s imaginations & make use of their creativity to create a unique lesson catered just for them.




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