Our Story

Ykidz Montessori started in year 2009. We always believe that every child is a unique individual. Every child have their own strength within them and our task is to nurture these strengths and talents in a quality learning environment such that the child will be able to develop his/ her potentials in a wide array of interests. Ykidz’s curriculum is created to stimulate the child’s interest in learning. Learning will be long lasting if it is done willingly and not forcefully.

At Ykidz, we will also emphasize the building of strong fundamentals of the children early years’ of development. This will facilitate a smooth transition to their next learning stage. Of no less importance is to provide appropriate guide to our new generation to be more creative and independent, to respect and accept one another, and to be able to work together in harmony in this diverse society. The ultimate goal is to help these children grow and contribute to the society in their own unique and creative ways in later years.

Our Vision

We believe that every child is a unique individual that makes a difference to the world.

How Are We Different

To provide a quality curriculum, tailored to individual needs and nurture the child with love and dedication. We constantly challenge them to their fullest potential.

Our Mission


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